Comfort Heat Australia is an Australian family owned business which has been providing underfloor heating solutions for over 20 years

Specialising in both hydronic and electric floor heating systems for Residential and Commercial projects, Comfort Heat can provide floor heating solutions for most floor finishes and construction methods. Originally starting in air conditioning, floor heating systems were quickly discovered to heat more efficiently and effectively than air conditioning systems in he ating mode. Also the comfort of a warm floor could only be provided with in floor heating systems.

The quality products to provide in floor heating to the Australian construction industry were difficult to obtain from Australia so overseas companies were sourced and selected products were imported. Over the years, more products have been sourced so the company is now also an importer and supplier of specialist parts to the hydronic floor heating industry including Heat Pumps, Manifolds, Pump Stations and Electronic Control Systems.

Comfort Heat Australia can supply and arrange installation of under floor heating systems for any project or design a DIY kit with installation documentation.

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