Hydronic Heat Pumps – New Series Available


Series 3 of the Intaflo heat pumps have arrived. These heat pumps have improved specifications, R32 refrigerant and a COP of 4.

The heat pumps are of a monobloc design so most of the plumbing parts required, such as the circulating pump, expansion tank and pressure relief valve, are included within the casing.  This means the heat pumps are very simple to plumb into place.

New fans are part of the improvement to ensure the operation of the heat pump is as quiet as possible and there is a night mode that will decrease the fan speed for an even quieter operation.

The heat pumps also have a touchscreen controller which allows WiFi connection to change parameters and operation of the heat pump remotely.

Due to the high COP, these pumps are ideal for connecton to solar PV systems.  This is usually teamed with a well-insulated building and a thermal mass to store the heat, such as the structural slab.  Connected to an in-slab hydronic heating system, the heat pump can supply hot water during the day to store the heat in the slab for use later in the evening.

The Intaflo pumps use inverter technology so will only utilize energy as needed.  They are available in Australia in single-phase and three-phase options.  The sizes available as a single-phase option are 9KW, 12KW and 18KW.  The 24KW is available as a three-phase option.

The pumps are sized based on the floor areas to be heated.  The larger the floor area the larger the heat pump needs to be.

To find out more about the Intaflo heat pumps go to www.intaflo.com

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