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Queensland-based Easycraft has been enhancing both traditional and contemporary spaces since 1986, when they commenced manufacturing an alternative to the original timber vertical joint (VJ) planks used in the original Queenslander home.

Renovators wanted to keep the authentic look of the original Queenslander, but the cost of installation, knotholes, splits, dust and air leakage through the joins were all recognised as shortcomings of the timber planks. So, Easycraft created and produced a product to replicate the look of the VJ and Beaded timber plank profiles, made from MDF (medium density fibre) board.

Over time, new profiles have been introduced, such as Regency and Ascot, and contemporary profiles such as Easygroove and Easyline have also been added. Today, Easycraft boast an extensive range that adds flair and function to every setting, and offers the flexibility to create charming bespoke finishes for renovations and new builds.

Easycraft panels are manufactured with a consistent density, thickness, width and length. They are high quality, and free from defects, inconsistencies and imperfections. Their entire range is readily available nationwide in convenient sizes to suit any job.

All raw materials are produced by Australian manufacturers. Processing and painting are performed locally.

Easycraft have endeavored to provide unparalleled support to designers and specifiers by provided an easily assessable array of support materials and advice. Sample kits, product / specification guides, project galleries and product advice can be accessed quickly and easily.

Thanks to Easycraft, there is now a flexible choice of profiles that cannot be attained with traditional lining manufacturers. They make it possible to match period styles and designs, or to create a contemporary feel. All while providing a substrate that is strong and will save countless hours in installation and finishing.

The Easycraft team has a long and successful history working with designers, architects and specifiers to achieve great outcomes. No project is too large or too small.

For more information, visit the Easycraft website

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