Harkaway Homes commenced business on a pool table at home in Harkaway in 1986 driven by what is a now proven, game-changing idea in house design.

Our founder, having a long appreciation of fine Australiana homes, profiles and design, established Harkaway Homes in 1986 in the south-east Melbourne suburb of Harkaway.

Today with many hundreds of our iconic Harkaway Homes dotted Australia wide, we are indeed the proud facilitators of high-quality traditional homes that offer a considerably more cost-effective and well-proven pathway to individualised home construction.

Harkaway Homes operates across six states and with existing client homes currently situated across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Canberra and Southern Queensland.
Our homes are easily identifiable due to our design integrity, perfect profiles and proven knowledge and understanding of what is required to reproduce quality verandahed housing.
For those seeking a slice of history, we welcome you to join us in creating your own iconic Australian home.
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