A Home of Traditional Design, Built by a Modern Family


In a popular, established bayside suburb in Melbourne resides a character-filled four-bedroom, two-bathroom Victorian Gabled Traditional residence from Harkaway Homes that looks like it has been in situ for more than a century.

The 232sqm home, however, was only recently built by proud owner-builders, Toby and Kirsten. The couple had serendipitously chanced upon the Harkaway Homes’ website more than 10 years ago and from that point on aspired to own one of Harkaway’s beautiful traditional homes.

“I’ve always had a dream to build my own home,” states Toby, “and Harkaway Homes offered me the opportunity to create the exact type of residence I had visualised for myself and my family, namely a traditional home with a charming classic exterior and a highly functional modern interior.”

A few years ago, when the family was looking at buying a house and renovating, as they had done in the past, they came across a block in the affluent suburb of Hampton. The block was in a prime location but the old house that sat upon it had well and truly passed its use-by date.

This, they realised, was their opportunity to build a period-style Harkaway home of their own.
“The terrific thing about the way Harkaway Homes works is you get the exterior of the home with the classic character and profiles, but then you design the interior however you want based on your requirements and what you need for your family,” says Toby.

As the knockdown-rebuild market, also known as home replacement, continues to grow at a rapid pace in and around our cities, Harkaway Homes is meeting the increased demand with a wide range of ‘sympathetic urban renewal’ options. Having long-since perfected the process of replacing older houses in established suburbs, Harkaway Homes has become a recognised knockdown-rebuild expert — and this beautiful home is just one of many impressive examples.

“In this area of Melbourne there are a lot of original period homes and there are people who have lived in our street for over 30 years. All our neighbours were relieved that we didn’t build a modern box, as is happening in many inner suburbs,” explains Toby. “I still have people stopping their car while I’m outside in the front yard, asking me about the house and saying how much they love it. In fact, the whole neighbourhood has been thrilled with the outcome.”

Harkaway Homes takes great pride in offering houses that enhance the streetscapes in established suburbs. Its extensive portfolio of charming Australian reproduction homes enables owner-builders or owner-managers to construct a home that complements and blends naturally into established suburbs, unlike today’s ultra-modern housing which can sound a very jarring note.

Classic exteriors, perfect profiles and the highest quality in design, materials and service — this is what Harkaway Homes is known for. Established in 1986 and operating in five states (Victoria, NSW, southern Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania), Harkaway Homes specialises in architecturally-designed reproduction homes that offer the charm, character and authenticity of yesteryear with the conveniences of modern-day living.

With eight ranges to choose from, there are design options for every location, from a small suburban block to acreage in the country, not to mention every conceivable lifestyle. If you love the classic architectural styles of the Victorian or early-Federation eras, Harkaway Homes has your dream design.

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