Victoria’s Multi-Award Winning Custom Home Builder

Hedger Constructions are Victoria’s multi‐award-winning custom home builders. Specialising in luxury custom home construction, Hedger Constructions are redefining modern living with homes that transcend the traditional. Creating bespoke custom homes from concept to completion, the company is renowned for unique, energy-efficient and innovative homes with outstanding craftsmanship.

Custom Homes

Hedger Constructions creates bespoke custom homes from concept to completion. A Hedger Constructions custom home is defined by innovation, integrity and quality. As a family company, Hedger Constructions understands the importance of building ‘your home’ and approaches each project with the aim of total client satisfaction. This collaborative approach to construction provides the end‐to‐end solution and flexibility for you to create your perfect custom home.

From initial meetings, Hedger Constructions works collaboratively with clients and architects, to deliver design and construct projects. Throughout the entire home build, the Hedger collaborative approach encourages consistent, clear and open communication with all stakeholders, making Hedger Constructions a builder of choice for leading architects, and providing the flexibility required to ensure a successful project outcome. Hedger Constructions welcomes the opportunity to work closely with clients and architects to create best-practice solutions that bring inspiring custom home ideas to life.

As three-time MBAV Regional Builder of the Year, and recipient of 30+ Master Builders Association of Victoria Awards in seven different categories, including Best Sustainable Home, Hedger Constructions is widely recognised as one of Victoria’s most prestigious building companies. Their awards history speaks for itself and reflects the outstanding craftsmanship and positive client relationships which are a cornerstone to all Hedger projects.

Servicing Metro & Regional Victoria

Originating in Alexandra, Victoria, Hedger Constructions quickly became the leading custom home builders throughout North East Regional Victoria. Due to demand, Hedger Constructions have recently expanded to service much of the state, with teams now based throughout North East Victoria, Yarra Valley, High Country, Melbourne CBD, Greater Melbourne, Geelong and the Surf Coast. The continued growth of Hedger Constructions throughout Victoria is a testament to the company’s reputation for outstanding quality, and ability to make custom building a positive experience for all clients.

Sloping Site Specialists

Hedger Constructions has extensive experience working with challenging sites, sloping blocks and existing landscapes to deliver innovative custom homes that are in harmony with their environment. Hedger Constructions creates award-winning suspended slab homes and homes on steeply sloping sites to maximise space, provide dramatic architectural impact, achieve unique aspects and enhance views. Hedger Constructions has a detailed understanding of feasibility and compliance for houses built on slopes, and applies creative, innovative and contemporary design and build solutions to maximise the functionality and potential of your block of land.

Passive and Sustainable Homes

As qualified MBAV Green Living Builders, Hedger Constructions are skilled in the design and construction of high‐quality homes that adopt industry best practices for sustainability, including Passive Home construction. The company applies a wide range of green building strategies and uses innovative new materials to enhance energy efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of custom homes.

With Passive Home certified teams, Hedger Constructions produces homes that reduce a building’s ecological footprint and require little energy for heating or cooling. In recognition of Hedger Constructions’ industry-leading experience in energy-efficient builds, the company has received multiple HIA and MBAV sustainable home awards.

Renovations & Extensions

As families grow and change, so do the needs of your home. Hedger Constructions provides renovations and extensions from concept to completion; offering end‐to-end construction services to create new spaces. Guided by your functionality, lifestyle and aesthetic objectives, Hedger Constructions creates custom renovations and extensions to meet individual requirements. From refreshing kitchens and bathrooms with a simple renovation, to reimagining the complete layout of your home with a full-extension, Hedger Constructions create and execute award-winning custom home solutions, made for modern living.

Why Choose Hedger Constructions?

The characteristic quality of a Hedger Constructions custom home is the culmination of holistic planning and unmatched attention to detail. Hedger Constructions measures quality and client satisfaction not just on completion of a new property, but on how it performs for years to come.

Hedger Constructions believe in doing things properly and all of their team members share the vision of delivering premium quality building solutions that reflect the client’s aesthetic and functionality requirements. The Hedger team works with you every step of the way to determine the optimum outcome based on your site, desired level of fit-out and budget, to ensure complete satisfaction with your new custom home.

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