About Laticrete

At LATICRETE we have manufactured and marketed materials, methods and solutions for installing ceramic tile and stone for nearly 60 years. LATICRETE materials are green, maintenance free and are guaranteed to perform in all conditions.

The LATICRETE range includes ceramic & stone tile adhesives, mortars & renders, waterproofing & anti-fracture membranes, sound control, stainless grouts and tile cleaners.

From the arctic to the tropics, from Brisbane to Boston, from Sydney to Singapore, architects, designers, engineers, builders and contractors have field and jobsite project-proven the performance of the LATICRETE System. This includes normal tile and stone projects as well as challenging installation in swimming pools, facades, industrial and commercial applications.

Our Residential Lifetime System warranty ensures your home or your next project will always look beautiful. Our grouts are stainproof, easy to maintain & cleanable to the original colour…every cleaners dream!

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