Unico, Inc. is the manufacturer of The Unico System, the industry-leading small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) central heating, cooling, and ventilation solution.

The Unico System uses compact air handling equipment and flexible ducts that end in small, unobtrusive round or slotted outlets rather than the typical rectangular registers used in traditional forced air systems.  The system’s compact design is perfect for installation in tight spaces, accommodating spaces where traditional HVAC simply can’t, whether it’s architecturally designed homes or older homes. Effortlessly integrating into small spaces, The Unico System ensures your comfort and style remain uncompromised.

Installed in over 1,000,000 in the United States since the 1980s, The Unico System has enjoyed adoption in Europe and Asia for the last twenty years and is now available in Australia.

Explore these articles to discover the key advantages of The Unico System to your business and homeowners. Check out our website for examples of noteworthy installations.

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