Superior HVAC technology now available in Australia


Small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) central heating and cooling, enjoyed in the United States and Europe for decades, has finally arrived in Australia.

The Unico System, the world’s leading manufacturer of this innovative approach to indoor comfort, is making inroads with HVAC distributors, technicians and discerning Aussie homeowners.

As the name indicates, SDHV systems use much smaller ducts, greatly simplifying the installation process for centralised heating and cooling. The small size and flexibility of the supply ducts allows them to weave through wall cavities and floor joists, which would be impossible for a standard-sized system. With this simplified installation, there’s no need to build out big bulky soffits to hide large traditional ductwork.

SDHV systems use much smaller ducts

Air is conditioned by compact, modular air-handling equipment. Cold or hot air can be achieved with either refrigerant or water coils. Lastly, rather than rectangular registers, the conditioned air is delivered through small round (50mm inside diameter) or slotted (178mm x 12.7mm) outlets that come in various colours, metal finishes and timber species. Outlets can be installed in floors, walls or ceilings, and can be painted, stained or wallpapered to blend into the rooms’ decor.

While the innovative nature of The Unico System’s design makes it quick and easy for technicians to install, it also offers several benefits to homeowners, including:

The Unico System’s design makes it quick and easy

  • Better comfort with draft-free, even temperatures from floor to ceiling
  • Quiet operation — equal to a human whisper
  • More humidity removal in cooling mode, meaning occupants can feel just as comfortable at higher thermostat settings
  • <10 per cent thermal transference of conditioned air and virtually 0 per cent duct leakage, resulting in energy savings versus conventional systems
  • Better aesthetics, with no need for expensive bulwark and soffit buildouts

Homeowners and HVAC technicians interested in learning more about The Unico System are encouraged to visit the Unico website, or contact Australian sales representative Leigh Risbey for pricing, availability, training and design assistance on 0409 364 856 or via email at

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