Jetmaster Universal Open Wood Fireplaces


There is nothing quite like an open wood fire: it’s captivating, comforting and it’s a place for family and friends to gather.

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Unfortunately in the past, conventional open brick fireplace tended to smoke and required cleaning every day. These old fireplaces were notoriously inefficient, but not anymore with Jetmaster.

Jetmaster’s new Universal open wood fireplaces are perfect of the modern home:

  • Unique two way convection
  • Radiant heating system
  • Proven smoke-less room design
  • A log pan that needs cleaning only twice a year

With these contemporary improvements on the traditional open brick fireplace, Jetmaster has created a fireplace that is accessible for the busiest of families. The Jetmaster Universal Open Wood fireplace is beautiful and requires minimal brickwork to install. This is designed specifically to save you thousands in building costs. The safety screen also allows you the luxury to leave a fire smouldering overnight or leave the fire unattended.

The Jet master Universal is perfect for a new build or you can convert your existing inefficient open brick fireplace.

And Jetmaster has allowed for changing sensibilities and personal adjustments. If you get tired of burning wood you can convert your Jetmaster to gas. Choose from over eight different styles of high variable gas burners in pebbles, logs or coal.