Never a Better Time


Wash away the winter blues with a life-changing fireplace from Kalora

With over 60 years of experience designing, manufacturing and supplying wood heaters to Australians, the team at Kalora produce one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly wood heater ranges sold in the Australia today.

Designed and manufactured in a state of the art, world-class facility, each Kalora firebox is constructed using heavy-duty steel and lined with high-alumina silica fire bricks.

Combining high-tech industrial design, robotic technology and quality materials to ensure years of “hassle free heating” with the backing of a 15-year firebox warranty on every Kalora wood heater.

Benefits of Kalora Wood-Fire Heaters

  • Full seam robotically welded and laser cut heavy duty steel construction ensures maximum firebox durability backed by a 15 year warranty.
  • High alumina, silica firebrick lined fireboxes operate at optimal efficiency and produce minimal environmental emissions.
  • The efficiency of the Kalora convection range provides warmth all night through effective maximised burn times.
  • Ideal for use in your home, covered outdoor living space or man cave.
  • Replacing the long-life baffle is easier with Kalora’s user friendly design.
  • Every Kalora wood heater has a built-in air wash system that ensures the high quality Japanese fireproof glass is kept clean and soot free whilst the wood heater is in use.
  • Manufactured with “Senotherm” high-temp paint – the standard finish on all Kalora wood heaters.
  • No fireplace! Not a problem. Zero-clearance boxes are available for all Kalora inbuilt wood heaters.
  • Kalora also offers a full range of wood storage, accessories and maintenance tools with their Forge range of accessories.

Kalora’s Commitment to the Environment

Kalora believes in the use of renewable energy and supports good forestry practices and ongoing improvements in wood burning stoves and heaters that use firewood. Kalora knows that using firewood to heat your home is a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to an electric heating system that relies on power generated by a coal fuelled power station.

And as firewood serves an important role in Australia’s domestic heating sector and is a cheaper heating option for many families across Australia, Kalora will continue to work with governing bodies and associations to assure a balanced outcome for the foreseeable future.

For more info on Kalora and Forge, visit: www.kalora.com.au