REAL HOME: 50s Hollywood-inspired

REAL HOME: ’50s Hollywood-inspired



Take a peek inside a luxurious ’50s-inspired home that would make anyone feel like a Hollywood star.

Navona lounge chairs by Casadei Furniture


New Yorker black-gloss and smoke-bevelled mirror buffet from James Salmond Furniture Stool from Comax


50 50

50 50


An intriguing depth exists to this home. From the profoundly blue hues to the decadent gold finishes, every aspect of this interior sucks you into its opulent and irresistible charm. This is something we’ve come to expect from Greg Natale Design, whose interior style often oozes with both a romantic and a masculine touch.

This particular project is very interesting in that it was constructed by the Sunland Group as part of the Royal Pines Resort project. Not your average estate of clumped-together houses, Royal Pines is a luxurious getaway that boasts rolling golf courses and only a 15-minute drive to the holiday destination of Surfers Paradise. The homes here are all entirely residential and offer a plush lifestyle that most of us can only dream of.

These properties are a privileged bunch. Their architecture is inspired by case study homes from the ‘50s and ‘60s and although their exteriors are generally unassuming, the interiors are eloquent in their stories. The ‘50s and ‘60s element of the home is what inspired Greg’s plan for the interior, and having worked before with Sunland Group’s CEO, Sahba Abedian, Greg had a fairly comprehensive understanding of Sahba’s likes and dislikes. Minimalism is key, as is a layer of opulence — similar to that found in grand Hollywood Hills homes.

In this particular four-bedroom, two-bathroom home, gold, white and navy-blue are the colours of choice, and while the gold and navy add that special depth mentioned earlier, the shades of white inject a touch of contemporary minimalism, which works to balance the colour scheme.

On the ground floor, a kitchen space sits nestled between two very similarly furnished living areas. The kitchen is a clean, glitzy space filled with all the mod-cons necessary for comfortable living. It is also beautifully simple, with smooth surfaces and hidden appliances, which are integral to the design. In front of the kitchen’s island bar is a six-piece white dining suite with white chairs upholstered in patterned navy fabric. Gold has been splashed dramatically on the back wall, with a Ventana mirror and a golden Meurice chandelier hanging provocatively above the table.

The two living areas that sit either side share many common features, but one side is slightly more formal than the other. This slight variation between the two rooms illustrates perfectly how fine detailing makes all the difference to the overall impact of a room. In both living rooms, two Jonathan Adler Trousdale lamps with white shades sit either side of custom-sized white sofas. Custom rugs from Designer Rugs sit underneath the coffee tables and connect the sofas to a pair of Casadei Navona lounge chairs that sit opposite. The space would be incomplete without the signature golden splash, which comes in the form of the Ulu Concave and Ulu Convex tables. The two Ulu Concave tables accompany the setting to the right of the kitchen — the more formal space — whereas the two Ulu Convex tables accompany the left-hand side — which is the informal area. Both table styles can double up as use as a stool.

The dark-navy panelling on the back wall features in both the formal and informal areas and, for Greg, this panelling is one his favourite features in the home. He explains that “the panelling breaks up the wall and even becomes an art piece”. The white borders of the panels provide structure and texture and they draw the eye to the wall in a manner that wouldn’t usually occur. Adding to — and accentuating — the artistic nature of the panelling is the Jere Raindrops mirror in gold and brass, also from Jonathan Adler. It adds an abstract element to the otherwise linear space. The fine detailing is illustrated through the simple act of changing the fabric on the cushions, the style of coffee table, and the style of the side chairs that sit alongside the space. These small adjustments enable the left-hand side to feel considerably more relaxed than the right-hand side, and the adjustments work to create different environments within a connected sphere in the home.

The living spaces aren’t the only areas where artistic flair is evident. Jonathan Adler is well known for its imaginative and decorative pieces, and another example of this can be found in the entryway to the living and kitchen area. Here a gold sculpture splashes across the wall above a New Yorker black-gloss and smoke-bevelled mirror buffet from James Salmond Furniture. Small golden accessories and a table lamp add the finishing touches and also inject a layer of decadence into the space.

The master bedroom with ensuite can be found on the ground floor at the rear of the home. A Rea bed in navy from Space Furniture introduces a deep hue to the otherwise minimalist white design, and two end stools from Comax Australia — which also featured in the formal living area — occupy the space at the foot of the bed. This bedroom has the luxury of being fairly cut off from the living spaces and the first floor, giving it an unparalleled level of privacy.

If you happen to venture up the discreet architecturally-designed stairs, you will reach the first floor. A perfect space for kids or guests, the floor has three more bedrooms — one with ensuite — as well as a TV area, and offers privacy from the rooms downstairs. The colour scheme and ‘50s and ‘60s styles feature upstairs just as much as downstairs, continuing the themes of this residence.

All in all, the property is fairly extraordinary. With its grand layout and spectacular location, it is surely privileged. But what is most interesting is the manner in which Greg Natale — in conjunction with Sunland Group — chose to approach the architecture and space. Combining minimalist modernity with mid-century style, as well as extraordinary, decadence is a fairly daring concept. And it is this fusion that traverses time and design, pushing the boundaries of interior design and creating a truly unique home.




– This home was constructed by the Sunland Group as part of the Royal Pines Resort project

– Greg Natale Design carried out the interior design with a ‘50s- and ‘60s-inspired style

– The two living areas that sit either side share many common features, but one side is slightly more formal than the other

– The fine detailing is shown through the simple act of changing the fabric on the cushions, and the style of coffee table and side chairs that sit alongside the space

– The interior combines minimalist modernity with mid-century design, as well as extraordinary decadence

By Alexandra Longstaff
Photography by Anson Smart
From Home Designs magazine Vol. 16 No. 2