Homewares Nordic Christmas Heart Glass

12 Christmas themed homeware essentials


Scatter a little holiday cheer throughout your home, via Christmas themed homewares and décor

With Christmas just a few weeks away, now is the ideal time to start gathering the homewares and décor items your home needs, to make the day as special as it can be. Need some ideas? Here are 12, to get you started.

  1. Hessian Christmas Santa Sack – Vintage Noel, gingerray.co.uk

Christmas homewares GingerRay Hessia Santa Sack

2. Merry Christmas Festive Mat, therugseller.co.uk

Homeswares Merry Christmas Festive Mat

3. Christmas Tree Linen Cushion Cover by V Living, dawanda.com

Homewares Christmas Tree Linen Cushion Cover4. Christmas Honeycomb Santa Hats, gingerray.co.uk 

Homewared Christma sHoneycomb Santa Hats

5. Sparkly Christmas Tree, graceandgloryhome.co.uk

Homewares Sparkly Christmas Tree

6. White Christmas Sign, luckandluck.co.uk

6. LuckLuck_1533321_WhiteChristmasSignDearSantaIHaveB.jpg

7. Eucalyptus & Cone Christmas Wreath, tch.net 

Homewares Eucalyptus Cone Christmas Wreath

8. Tom Tailor Bed Linen, tom-tailor.com

 Homewares TOM TAILOR bed linen

9. Christmas Ornaments artwork, artfinder.com

Homewares Christmas Ornaments

10. Nordic Christmas Heart Glass Candle Holder, tch.net

Homewares Nordic Christmas Heart Glass

11. Nordic Santa Christmas Tree Topper, tch.net

Homewares Snowdrop Fairy

12. Snowdrop Fairy Christmas Tree Toppers, tch.net