Renovation Reality TV Shows Good for Ideas…… but the money is in the planning.

Australian home owners have been urged to take off their rose coloured glasses when watching DIY Reality TV Renovation home shows and look behind the scenes.

Part demolition of a property ready for renovation Archicentre, the building advisory service of the Australian Institute of Architects today advised that whilst Reality TV Renovation shows have a positive impact on getting people thinking about renovation and providing ideas, they do not reflect the reality of renovation.
Archicentre State Manager ACT & NSW, Ian Agnew said, there is a big difference between some cosmetic renovations such as painting or patching plaster and building work involving structural design, building permits and health and safety territory.
Mr Agnew said the big difference between the Reality Renovation Programs and the real renovation is that the Reality TV Renovation is being driven by entertainment needs where contestants and renovation activity are packaged into a production.
“In the real world renovators are faced with designing a renovation well beforehand, getting planning and building approvals and mapping out the construction program.”
Mr Agnew said the success of any renovation is in the planning of the project and in the quality control of the actual building and finishing.
“With the likely increases in energy costs, more than ever sustainable design is going to have a major impact on reducing the cost of running a home in the future. Sustainability needs to be built into the design – it is not an add on.”
Mr Agnew said, “people renovating properties for resale and investment purposes should realise that they could devalue their properties with poorly planned and constructed renovations.”
Some tips for renovating a property for maximum return include:
• Purchasing a property that is structurally sound.
• Assessing the financial potential with a design and cost analysis before purchase.
• Checking the local development controls to avoid costly design delays.
• Ensuring the design finishes and fittings do not over capitalise the property.
• Utilising design to deliver lifestyle requirements being demanded by the market.
• Obtaining competitive building or sub contract prices

Renovators wanting find out more about renovation can book into a free design workshop or get a free Cost Guide at www.archicentre.com.au