Switch your swatch for a colour cube


Have you ever found yourself struck by a beautiful shade and thought “that’s the exact colour I want for our kitchen!”  Instead of painfully trying to describe exactly what colour you mean and confusing everyone alike, there’s a way to capture the exact shade so it’s timelessly stored to show, keep and use.

The SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube is a new product hailed as the world’s smartest colour detector. When placed onto a surface, SwatchMate can scan and capture whatever colour it is in contact with and then wirelessly transmit the information to your paired smartphone or computer. The cube can store up to 20 colours in its internal memory if you happen to walk past 20 inspiring colours on the way to your device.

If you’re interested in graphic design, SwatchMate can even be used as a real-world eye-dropper to import your surrounds into a range of adobe programs, making it possible to transport the colour of a flower into a unique brand image. If you’re painting your house, SwatchMate will also tell you exactly what paint and brand to buy to achieve the exact same look, how brilliant is that? The SwatchMate Color Capturing Cube can be pre-ordered on their website for $85.