The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves Room Reveals: Trouble on the terrace


I don’t know about you guys but as this season of The Block wraps up, I am becoming increasingly frustrated. Whether it was the few glasses of wine I had before watching Sunday night’s episode or that the producers and film crew are more interested in the drama and antics of the contestants rather than the quality of the build, I no longer find myself excited about the clock ticking over to 7:30pm.

I understand that it is a television show and it needs to get ratings etc to continue filming, however breaching building codes is not acceptable and although Darren did comment on this during judging, Alisa and Lysandra’s rooftop terrace should not have been judged at all. A built-in bench seat was the cause of all this controversy. Due to its height and positioning, the seat is a safety hazard as someone (particularly a small child) could fall over the edge if they were standing on it (plants do not count as safety screening because they are classed a temporary fixtures). Maybe I am overreacting but since many homeowners watching are inspired by this show, it doesn’t set a great example for future renovators.

On a happier note … the blockheads have finished with a bang. Kyal and Kara and Brad and Dale were certainly ahead of the pack this week, both creating luxurious oases for the future homeowners, however the Super K’s industrial style, craftsmanship and overall attention to detail put them half a point ahead, and $10,000 richer. The perfect icing to such a grand cake, each rooftop terrace had an impressive outdoor kitchen setup, plenty of entertaining space and complementary landscaping.

Assuming that the end was in full view, the contestants have been getting quite emotional the last few weeks, looking forward to returning home to their families. Not surprising to the veteran fans though, Scotty dropped a bombshell last night, revealing that the teams have seven more days to renovate two separate houses. Dividing them into teams for a final time, as winners of room reveal Kyal and Kara got to choose the team they renovated with, and after smart consideration, they decided to work with Brad and Dale. The winning team with get a whopping $10,000 taken off their apartment reserve price, plus every couple with also get an additional $500 of their reserve for every point they are awarded by the judges — a sugar-coated ploy to ensure each couple gets some money in their pockets come auction day (but so they should!).

After eight weeks of The Block and observing the style and effort of each couple, who do you think it going to win? I’m very interested to hear what you all think.

Speak soon fellow Blockheads!

Kara and Kyal
Kyal and Kara’s funky rooftop terrace that WOWed the judges

Brad and Dale
Brad and Dale’s luxurious rooftop design with handmade dining table from the Mark Tuckey challenge

Alisa and Lysandra
Alisa and Lysandra’s controversial rooftop terrace (the built-in bench seat is not visible in this image however it is situated at the bottom right of this view)

Chantell enad Steve
Chantelle and Steve battled with budget this week, having to compromise on a lot of their original ideas