6 fabulous bathroom floors & walls

6 fabulous bathroom floors & walls


Forget boring bathroom tiles, the latest options on the market feature texture and touchable details that turn the bathroom into a sensuous, tactile space.


1. Qatar Dimensional Tiles from Porcelanosa and Earp Bros are reminiscent of desert sands and form a unique interaction between texture, shadow and tone. Each tile is rectified to ensure minimal joints and a seamless appearance. www.earp.com.au



2. Bas Relief Garland tiles are designer Patricia Urquiola’s new take on the floral motif. With a slightly digitalised appearance and chiaroscuro effect, they add a modern twist to a well-loved design. www.academytiles.com.au



3. Sea tiles from Porcelanosa and Earp Bros are designed to replicate the undulation of a gently rolling sea. The metre-wide tiles are highly reflective and create an eye-catching and constantly evolving look that changes depending on lighting within the space. www.earp.com.au



4. A contrasting combination of tiles lends a warm, natural element to this bathroom. Earp Bros Pietra tiles in Caliza create a beautifully tactile surface with slightly protruding stone squares, while PAR-KER tiles in Montana (on floors and walls) give the appearance of timber in a significantly more durable and eco-friendly porcelain. www.earp.com.au



5. Wallpaper is enjoying its comeback in the bathroom. Kabuki wallpaper from Signature Prints appears textured through detail and subtle tone changes in the print and turns this space into a glamorous powder room. www.signatureprints.com.au



6. Art and nature combine in Caesarstone’s Concetto range of handmade, semi-precious stone surfaces. White Quartz (pictured) — said to replicate the look of an ice glacier — has a shimmering quality that functions to draw the eye and highlight desired areas of the bathroom. www.caesarstone.com.au

By Sarah Knox
From Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly magazine Vol. 19 No. 3