Say goodbye to condensation forever with a mirror heat pad

Bathroom mirror condensation is a common bathroom problem but it doesn’t have to be; with the help of a mirror heat pad

Whether getting ready in front of the mirror or looking to brush your teeth after a shower, mirror condensation can be an inconvenience at the best of times. However, electric mirror heaters provide the perfect solution, using a heated backing to leave your mirror crystal clear even after a steamy shower.

How does it work?

Electric mirror heaters integrate seamlessly with any standard mirror installation. Consisting of a thin heating element, an electrician simply applies the pad as backing before the mirror is mounted to the wall. A mirror heat pad can be fitted to most sizes of mirror and is linked to a standard on/off switch.

How hot does a mirror heat pad get?

A mirror heat pad will generally heat to around 30 degrees; hot enough to eliminate surface condensation but not too hot!

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