Bliss in a contemporary master ensuite


This home uses gorgeous Corian products in the guest bathrooms and contemporary master ensuite

Design and envision all types of masterpieces, knowing you can trust Corian’s seamless and malleable product selection. Corian has encompassed your ability to back route and illuminate while being thermoformed. Their reliability and selection gives your creativity peace of mind.

This featured project – The Runway House – is a contemporary residential take on a gallery space. The feeling of clean, warm spaces allowed the owner to display his artwork, initiating the living spaces to also feel like works of art with the variety of Corian products used in each area. Corian’s artistry is evident in the counter tops, thermoformed basin scoops, back-routed and thermoformed vessels and back-routed light box pedestals.

The fretwork pattern is used as screen panels throughout the house and was also back routed into various Corian items. The art pedestals appear to be clean, white and part of the joinery — but when the lights in the space are turned on, it reveals the fret pattern theme.

You can be assured that Corian’s quality and reputable name can manage and accomplish any situation you design it into. Its reliability, versatility and ingenuity have earned Corian products a place in many projects. Visit the website for your local Corian stockist.

Designer: Mark Gacesa for Ultraspace 

Fabrication: Minka Joinery 


CASF Australia

Phone: 1300 267 426


Originally from Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 20 Issue 4

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