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Refined Fixtures with Alex Group


A vanity, a mirror, a toilet, a shower — there are certain essentials that any bathroom is expected to include.

The fixtures themselves, though, can vary from the most basic to the high-end, with the latter featuring a host of modern options and offerings.

Alex Group Aus caters for those seeking bathroom fittings in the luxury realm. Its collection of high-quality brands includes names like Aulic and Lafeme, to name a few. Available in six colour options, the Lafeme smart toilet lives up to its name, incorporating a host of state-of-the-art inclusions such as a flush button plate, rear wash, female wash, dryer, heated seat, auto-flush, even a night-light, to optimise both hygiene and comfort.

The Aulic Beau Monde touchless LED mirror is another example of the company’s approach to bathroom innovation. Copper- free and available in six stainless-steel frame colours, this model includes a demister, auto cut-off feature, backlighting in a choice of three dimmable shades, and comes with a five-year warranty — unquestionably elevating the experience of looking in the mirror.

The Beau Monde mirror pairs perfectly with all of the vanities in the Aulic range, including its latest addition, the Aulic curving vanity. This premium offering features a matt white V-groove surface, stone top, quality Hettich drawer runners and a 10-year warranty, giving customers peace of mind wrapped up in a stylish package.

It’s no wonder Alex Group Aus is the starting point for designers and homemakers looking to enhance the bathroom experience.

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