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Keep your home safe during heavy rainfall and thunderstorms


After the devastating fire season, Australia is now facing heavy rainfall combined with thunderstorms and drastic winds. The rainfall has caused widespread flooding and the winds have brought many trees down.

It is important to take all precautions to keep yourself, family, and your home safe from any of the extreme weather.

Here are some tips to protect your home from the storms during the wet season:

Close all windows

It may sound a bit obvious, but that can save you from having to dry a wet floor or having your belongings close to the window, damaged.

Disconnect electrical appliances and electronics from the PowerPoint

Remove any electrical appliances and electronics from the powerpoint to avoid a power surge.

Clean your home gutter 

During a heavy rain, the first place to overflow is the gutter when full of leaves. Cleaning the gutters on a regular basis will keep the flow running freely.

Maintain the roof 

Schedule the maintenance and repair of the roof at least twice a year. Most importantly, before (when it is possible to predict) and after a severe weather period. If your roof tiles have any cracks, light points or leaks, get it fixed it immediately.

Waterproof your home walls and roof

Poor waterproofing can cause cracks, moulds and leaks. Even worse it can affect the structure of the building, which reduces the value of your property. Therefore, ensure that your roof and walls are totally waterproofed.

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