2016 hot bathroom trends


We present eight of the hottest bathroom trends in 2016

Renovating your bathroom can be an enormous undertaking, but will provide you with plenty of fun along the way. If you have been curious about the latest bathroom trends for 2016, and want to incorporate them in the renovation of your bathroom, be sure to read on! Below, you will find the hottest bathroom trends for 2016 and a good amount of useful tips to make your bathroom the best it can be.

  1. Wall Mounted Shelves

Wall mounted shelves never go out of style, especially for people with a large bathroom who need to fill up some of the empty spaces on the wall. Wall mounted shelves are not only beautiful to look at, since they can also be used to store some of your bathroom products and/or towels!

  1. Freestanding Baths

Built-in bathtubs have lost their appeal over the past ten years, so the majority of people tend to choose a freestanding bathtub instead. The freestanding bathtub does not only make your bathroom look more modern, it also gives you more freedom where your bathroom design is concerned. A freestanding bathtub can be placed wherever you like, so you can throw all old-fashioned ideas out the window.

  1. Glass Bathroom Vanities

The best bathroom vanity for a modern bathroom will have a glass benchtop or have a glass material incorporated in its design. The reason why glass is so popular is the fact that glass makes your bathroom look a lot more luxurious and it creates an extra dimension as well. People with small bathrooms can therefore benefit from a glass bathroom vanity, given the fact that the vanity will make your bathroom look a lot bigger.

  1. Water Saving Tapware

Many people like to save some money on their water bill, so the majority of people will start looking for water saving tapware. Nowadays, it is easy to find bathroom faucets and showerheads that will consume less water. This water saving tapware is not only good for the environment, because many people will see a big reduction on their water bill as well.

  1. Glass Showers

A lot of Australians only have a small bathroom to work with and a bathtub can take up a considerable amount of space. If you are struggling with this problem, we can recommend choosing a glass shower instead. As we mentioned earlier, glass creates the illusion of space by providing an extra dimension. A glass shower does not take a lot of space either, so you can use the available space in your bathroom a lot more efficiently.

  1. Floor Heating

Coming out of the shower and stepping onto a cold floor can ruin your bathroom experience. For that reason, many people will start looking for alternative heating, such as floor heating. It is true that floor heating can be quite an investment, but the benefits you get in return are more than worth that investment.

In addition to keeping your feet warm when coming out of the shower, floor heating also has the ability to dry out moisture and reduce the humidity after you have taken a shower or bath. By reducing those moisture levels, floor heating can prevent the formation of mould and other problems that occur due to high humidity. So in the long run, floor heating might save you money.

  1. Wood or Tile

There is a lot of variety where bathroom colours, tiles and flooring is concerned this year. Not only can you obtain tiles in the classic black and white patterns, you can also obtain quality tiles with a wooden colour. Depending on your preferences, you can make your bathroom look ultramodern with the black and white tiles, or a little warmer with wooden finish tiles.

  1. Linear Drains

Linear floor and shower drains are more popular than the traditional floor drains nowadays. Linear floor drains have a lot more capacity than standard drains and they look a lot less invasive as well. An additional plus of linear floor drains is their suitability for easy access showers, so people with mobility problems will prefer a linear shower drain as well.

Conclusion for 2016?

Renovating your bathroom will not only make your bathroom look better, it can also save you money. With more efficient tapware and bathroom wastes, a new bathroom might be the perfect investment for your household.

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