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Get the Steam Room Experience at Home


Mr Steam turns your everyday shower into a relaxing steam-therapy session at home with the flip of a switch.

With a history dating back to 1917, the Mr Steam brand is a market leader renowned for its innovation, reliability and first-class customer service.

One of the first to market steam shower systems for private residences, Mr Steam has been integrating wellness into Australian homes for decades. Offering a host of health benefits, from respiratory support to muscle recuperation, skincare and hydration advantages, the Mr Steam shower system is unique to the market and a worthwhile investment for any home.

A steam shower heats water to create vapour, which is then pumped into an enclosed area to give users a full spectrum of health benefits. While it may seem like a simple concept, creating a reliable and efficient steam system is as much science as art. Mr Steam utilises a four-step checklist to ensure a premium result.

On top of the essential plumbing needed to feed your steam system, a generator commensurate with your square footage is installed to heat the water required to generate sufficient steam. Able to be installed in the ceiling or basement, or even in a cupboard up to 18m away, it’s unobtrusive and discreet.

A slimline control panel that directs everything from your temperature setting and duration to music and lighting is installed in your shower for easy access and personal control. Combined with a generous steam head installed on the shower wall, approximately 10-15cm above the floor, users get total coverage and easy access to ensure their steam experience is just as they wish it to be.


Control of the steam system is easy with SteamLink — an automated app downloaded onto smart devices that allows users to start and stop the steam shower, adjust the temperature, or add aromatherapy during a session. Who could ask for anything more?


This automated process was certainly a selling point for Mitch and Mark from The Block when they returned as fan favourites in 2021. Installing the first steam room ever on the series, Mitch and Mark took out the win in this exciting season.

While most other contestants installed a theatre room in their basements, Mitch and Mark bucked the trend and went for a dedicated spa room and wellness space that wowed the judges. “The idea of installing a Mr Steam steam room had bubbled away in the back of our minds from the beginning,” reveals Mark. “Since COVID, Australians have been focusing more attention on their homes as a sanctuary, so it seemed very timely to have a bathroom that also offered a spa-like retreat.”

Mitch and Mark chose to install the iSteam 3 system in white, with matching inline speakers and an Aroma glass steamhead, controlled by the SteamLinx smart system. Consulting with Mr Steam’s Australian distributor, Adrian Barr of Geyser Steam, The Block contestants received all the expert advice and assistance they needed to navigate plumbing requirements, building standards and installation processes. “We couldn’t have executed what we did in the time frame without Adrian,” says Mitch. “He was amazing. He helped us through every step of the process and having him on board as a Mr Steam expert was crucial.”

The response to the installation of the iSteam 3 system on The Block was so successful for Mitch and Mark that they decided to implement it in their own home. “Our home was built in the 1970s, so we are renovating it to suit our style. We had originally planned to keep the five bedrooms, but now that we have experienced a Mr Steam steam room, it’s totally impacted our lives. We’re planning to turn one of the bedrooms into a spa-like steam room. By combining the practical engineering elements of Mr Steam with considered space planning and beautiful materials, you can create a wellness retreat at home that becomes a sanctuary and also adds value,” Mark enthused.

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