Potty talk: What is an odourless toilet?


Odourless toilets have been around for decades, however, they are often associated with noise, bulky vent systems and complex extraction systems.

After ongoing research and development over the past 12 years, Expella have created a compact, cost-effective and quiet solution. The Expella odourless toilet bridges the barrier between an elegant toilet and an odour-free home.

How does an odourless toilet function?

Curated to suit any contemporary bathroom, Expella’s Odour Control Device (ODC) detects when a toilet is being used by using pressure sensors under the seat. This automatic device starts to expel odours from the toilet directly into the sewer, so there is no need for elaborate vent hoses through your bathroom and building.

Odours are vented at the source by an extraction fan, drawing smells from the back of the pan into the OCD at the rate of 3.5 litres per second. There is a non-return valve which prevents odours from re-entering the pan, meaning that they’re eliminated before they’ve even left the toilet. The best part? There is no unnecessary noise or power use which makes Expella’s Odourless toilets environmentally friendly and maintenance free.

Your bathroom should be a place of comfort and wellbeing. Reclaim your bathroom oasis with Expella.


Why use an odourless toilet when conventional methods work well? 

Using a standard roof vent isn’t the most effective way of eliminating odours as the smells have to travel across the room before they’re extracted. Air fresheners only mask smells and contain chemicals that are harmful to your lung health and the environment. The logical solution is to quietly and effectively eliminate odours before they escape the toilet bowl. Expella’s mission has been to design a toilet that is compact, contemporary and effective.

How do rimless toilets operate differently to standard toilets?

They work by flushing water around the rim in an open channel, rather than a standard box rim where water can spurt from under the lip of the bowl. Box rim designs can have germs that build up underneath the rim which makes cleaning difficult.

Expella’s toilets are rimless which are much more hygienic. The inner rim allows water to be flushed around an open channel with fewer places for germs and grime to get stuck. Each time the toilet is flushed; germs are washed away with the waters motion, covering the entire bowl, making rimless toilets the better choice for a more hygienic bathroom and efficient toilet.

Aren’t odourless toilets expensive compared to a standard toilet?

When products first hit the market, they are usually more expensive than the rest. Years of development and technological innovation mean Expella is able to deliver a high quality product at market prices. Expella’s Mod Odourless Toilet, which you can find displayed in our Bathroom Showroom in Brookvale – the first of these displays in Sydney, comes in $27.00 cheaper than the average best-selling rimless back-to-wall toilets in our Bathrooms store (Pricing Report 2019).

The Expella toilets have all the bells and whistles that have become synonymous with our range of quality toilets like soft-close lift-off seats, sleek designs, high quality Geberit inlet and outlet valves, and a 4 star WELS rating.

What are the benefits of an odourless toilet in your home? Is it beneficial for the environment?

With an Expella Odourless toilet, you’ll never have to worry about the smell in your bathroom again. New toilet technology, quietly and effectively extracts up to 97.7% of bathroom odours from your toilet before they’ve left the bowl.

Expella rimless toilets add another level of hygiene to your bathroom, meaning they require less cleaning and maintenance from you, whilst improving your general wellbeing and comfort in the bathroom. With added environmental benefits, such as reducing the need for harmful cleaning chemicals and decreasing your dependency on harmful air-freshening products meaning less waste in landfill and more money in your pocket.

Why not check the Odourless Toilets in Action at our H&G Brookvale Showroom?

See the odourless technology in action at our Bathroom Showroom at 68 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale. Ask our sales specialists for a demonstration from our industry-leading Expella display!

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