Japanese bathroom

Japanese Sensibility


Having recently returned from a holiday in Japan, the homeowners were conditioned to the experience of a wet-room setting that is unique to the Japanese culture.

The tradition is that the shower is used for rinsing first, followed by soaking in the bath. Their upstairs ensuite provided the scope of space required for this in their home and Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms executed the plan perfectly, with the layout clearly divided between the wet room and vanity zone.

The style has gone from an early ‘90s look with small blue floor tiles and white wall tiles, to the vast space that now features large-format floor-to-ceiling tiles. It is hard to believe that this renovation took place in the exact space the original ensuite existed in.

A spatial arrangement that would allow for the wet-room requirements, including a soaker bath, combination shower and bench seat all incorporated into one area, was a challenge that was overcome thanks to some creative thinking. Ultimately, these elements were enclosed behind a glass area. The vanity and toilet are located where they were in the original room.

The choice of finishes was crucial to the theme, with the timber-look wall tiles adding a lovely element of warmth to the environment. The LED lights over the vanity provide the perfect lighting for make-up. The owners now wake up to a captivating day spa-style space that most would aspire to on a holiday.

Designer Eugene Lombard for Ultimate Kitchens and Bathrooms

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Originally featured in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly 27.1