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Illuminate your bathroom with IXL. This innovator in the marketplace created the three-in-one heat, vent and light device and is known for adding multiple benefits to your bathroom

The Tastic Classic range offers an average of 10 per cent improvement on airflow extraction when compared to the existing range, and it has a multi-option LED, letting you choose a soft, warm light, a cool light, or a daylight feel when you double click the wall switches. The best part is, it looks good too, ensuring your bathroom is bright and beautiful.

You can also refresh your existing items with a new look and new product features, including the Tastic Prime Heat Vent Light (four heat lamps with 6W LED globe), Tastic Vivid Heat Vent Light (two heat lamps with 10W LED globe), Tastic Vivid 2-in-1 Heat and Light only (two heat lamps), Tastic Eco Vivid (two heat lamps with self-sealing back draught flaps, suitable for five-star energy-rated homes) and the Tastic Paramount Heat Vent Light (four heat lamps with 12W LED globe).

For those with a more luxe space, the Tastic Premium range is a fabulous option. The Tastic Luminate range features some brand-new products that will take your bathroom to the next level. This range features the Tastic Luminate Single, Dual, Vent n Light module, Vent module and Heat module, all available in both white and silver.

These items offer a 28 per cent improvement on airflow extraction on the single and dual models when compared to the existing premium Tastic Neo models. They’re easy to install, with a simple plug-and-play wall switch, and they have an energy-saving timer that will automatically cut off the heat lamps, making your room safe, secure and economical. You can switch the energy-efficient LED from a warm white to a cool white look, allowing you to truly customise the feel of your bathroom according to your mood.

The Tastic range is sold in bathroom and plumbing retail outlets. It’s also available at electrical wholesale and lighting stores.

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Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Vol. 26 No. 2

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