Finally! The luxurious sauna feeling comes home with these incredible steam showers
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Capture that luxurious sauna feeling at home with a steam shower from Sauna & Steam Australia

This product enables you to transform your seven-day-a-week shower and bathroom into an indulgent steam room to help you relieve stress, improve your circulation and flush toxins from your body. It requires less space than a traditional steam appliance and still allows you to achieve total relaxation with 100 per cent humidity and all the benefits of steam — and who wouldn’t want that?

The equipment used in this product has been made in Sweden by the Tylö company for more than 65 years. They’ve invested in their research and development to maintain a product that is both very high quality and consistently at the top of the line when it comes to technology and functionality.

The control for the steam shower is elegant and can easily fit in with other bathroomware to ensure a streamlined feel to your room.

Of course, just being stylish isn’t enough. We want to enjoy products that not only look good and function like a dream, but which work in harmony with our budgets long after they’ve been installed. Thankfully, the generator in this product is both energy- and water-efficient, ensuring it won’t hurt the back pocket.

Sauna & Steam Australia is a great choice to install your steam shower. With a focus on quality and performance, the team has been installing steam equipment for more than 30 years.

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