Napoli - Beauparlant Design -Photography Credit - John Heineman

Make your bathroom larger than life


Napoli - Beauparlant Design -Photography Credit - John Heineman








Let’s face it – the bathroom is commonly treated as a place to simply “wash and go.” The place where you quickly jump into the shower on those early mornings, or spend hours on the weekend scrubbing, to remove soap scum off the vanity unit. Bathrooms can be icky, so if you’re cringing every time you step foot in your bathroom, it’s time you invested in a luxury bathroom makeover and here’s why:

Increase in the value of your home

As house prices continue to escalate and space becomes expensive and precious, the bathroom typically becomes downsized and thrown into the smallest corner of the house. But Gary Caulfield from Construction Cost Consultants told Westpac NZ, for every dollar spent on your bathroom you can expect a return of up to $1.50. So turning your bathroom into a grand, luxury haven may not be such a bad idea after all.

A centrepiece creates luxury

Turning your petite bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary can seem like a challenging task. Investing in a main centrepiece can however help to transform any bathroom into one that emits relaxation and luxury. A freestanding bath is the perfect centrepiece, as it will not only create a beautiful focal point, but it will free up wall and floor space, giving the illusion of a larger room.

Different materials and furnishings spice up the environment

We all wish our bathrooms glowed like the ones in luxurious five-star hotels. The trick of the trade is to introduce different materials into the space in order to create an eye-catching juxtaposition and uplift the room.

Consider embellishing the space with surfaces such as rough natural stone or marble, in conjunction with textures like wood and glass. They are practical bathroom materials, yet will help enhance your spa-like design. Add soft furnishings to give your bathroom the finishing touch. A funky pouffe or the vibrancy of an emerald green plant is a great way to inject colour into the room.

To complete the zen spa-like environment, pamper yourself with fluffy towels, bathrobes, incense, bath oils and candles. The serene atmosphere will boast such outstanding levels of relaxation, you’ll want to lock yourself away and unwind in peace.


Words: Chanel Zagon