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The kitchen has always been the central hub of the home. Functionality and style have come to the forefront when making new build or renovation selections for this industrious room.

Choosing appliances, bench tops, cabinetry or tapware are as much about asking questions regarding “how will this work for me?” as it is about how they will fit in with a specific design style.

Gone are the days of just wanting a simple kitchen tap. Kitchen sink mixers must meet the needs of the household with enhanced functions such as detachable hoses for extended reach and 360-degree swivel capabilities.

From left to right, Deja, Linq, Ester and Erlen.

Specially designed to meet these needs, Phoenix has now expanded their Designer Sink Mixers collection to include new products Deja, Linq, Ester and Erlen.

Deja Pull Out Sink Mixer 220mm

Deja features soft curved forms and a dual function, pull out hand piece with switch, which makes preparing food and cleaning the sink a breeze. Deja also has a fixed pin lever and swivel spout for enhanced functionality.

Available in three classic finishes, this sink mixer is sure to complement any kitchen or laundry space.

Linq 316 Pull Out Sink Mixer SS 220mm


The classic stainless-steel finish of the Linq Pull Out Sink Mixer delivers a beautiful, soft, organic feel to a very practical sink mixer. Linq has a dual function, pull out hand piece with a switch to alternate between the two functions.

The 316 marine grade stainless steel construction means that this sink mixer will function equally as well indoors as it will in your outdoor kitchen, with a lifetime warranty on the finish.

Ester Sink Mixer 200mm Squareline

Seamlessly fusing geometric design with a delicately curved lever the Ester Sink Mixer is ideal for any contemporary kitchen. It also features energy saving Cold Start cartridge technology, which allows only cold water to be delivered when the tap is operated from the traditional mid-lever position. This means hot water only flows if the handle moves to the left hot position, saving energy by avoiding the unnecessary heating of water.

Erlen Sink Mixer 200mm Squareline


For kitchens with timeless minimalism at their core, Erlen is the perfect choice. The round geometry of the body combined with the squareline spout has a language of dynamic movement, and the recessed aerator contributes to this sleek and stylish appearance. Functionality comes to the fore in the swivel spout with a 200mm reach capability. Currently available in Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Matte Black, with two more durable finishes soon coming to the Erlen collection.

Extremely durable with the highest quality finishes, all these new Phoenix Designer Sink Mixers are designed by the award-winning Phoenix design team in Australia and come with a 15-year warranty on their ceramic cartridges. The Phoenix warranty program is a testament to the utmost care taken before their products reach the market.

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