Modern simplicity: bathroom design
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Modern simplicity: bathroom design

This kitchen utilises backlit shelves to add texture to the space

This bathroom utilises backlit shelves to add texture to the space

“This bright and airy space is a stark contrast to the dark, cramped room that is once was.

The simple layout is incredibly user friendly and the all-white palette has created a room that’s refined in its simplicity. A frameless shower screen refuses to cut the space in half, while the concealed lights and oversized mirror cleverly reflect both natural and artificial light.

Stainless steel accents and a gorgeously curved basin offer a contemporary edge and the clean lines provide a sense of chic minimalism. Subtle enhancements such as the decorative feature shelf and heated towel racks mean that even though this room lacks a tub, it’s still an ideal spot for a bit of pampering.

The moody slate grey floor tiles prevent the space from looking clinical and add a sense of warmth and welcoming to this timeless design.”

Designer: Rique’s Design & Project Management

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Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quarterly, Vol 23, No. 2