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Elegant efficiency: decorative colour board collection


A decorative board collection perfect for cupboards, shelves, pantries, cabinets and more

Rarely is something stylish, practical and versatile, but COLOURpyne’s® decorative board collection is all three. Suitable for cupboards, shelves, pantries, cabinets and more, these hardwearing, elegant panels are an essential addition to any kitchen, laundry or bathroom.

This Australian-manufactured product is coated in melamine, a high-quality, durable and hardwearing compound that’s both easy to clean and scratch resistant. The wide range of sophisticated colours and finishes means there’s something for even the fussiest of decorators, from realistic wood grains and abstract prints to embossed surfaces and glossy finishes.

The combination of laminate and coloured board enables the creation of modern designs that previously weren’t achievable, while the broad selection of sizes, thicknesses and substrates is a welcome addition. EcoSpecifier GreenTag certified, COLOURpyne® is distributed nationally by Gunnersens.

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Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quarterly, Vol 23, No. 2