ORTHO – Simply Iconic


Occasionally, there’s a moment of transformation, when a simple innovation changes the order of things. That is the invention of something iconic. Introducing Ortho, the latest award-winning icon from the designers at Phoenix Tapware, who are taking modern bathroom interiors to the next level.

ORTHO – Simply Iconic

Inspired by the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe philosophy “less is more”, the Ortho wall mounted mixer collection is a minimalist masterpiece. Using European progressive cartridge technology, the unique and intuitive central dial blends seamless operation with function, and allows the circular graphic element and sleek silhouette to define the design. Heavily influenced by the principles of modernism, this iconic design focuses on the composition and language of geometric shapes. Ortho has also been recognised internationally with an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Award, where it was judged among thousands of entries on its quality, function, and aesthetic.

ORTHO – Simply Iconic

The products offered in this collection include:

Ortho Wall Basin / Bath Mixer Set 200mm

Ortho Wall Basin / Bath Outlet 180mm

Ortho Shower / Wall Mixer

Ortho Twin Shower / Wall Mixer

Each product is available in Chrome Matte Brushed Nickel finishes, and the central dial on each mixer has the option of a Black or White styling ring (included in packaging).

ORTHO – Simply Iconic

Ortho’s intuitive central dial is not only an iconic and stylish focal point, it’s also guided by the use of a progressive cartridge. The Progressive Cartridge gives you more control over your energy consumption by releasing only cold water at the beginning of operation. The hot water system is activated when twisting past 90°, which begins the mixing process for warm water. At maximum turn, only hot water is flowing. To shut off the flow of water, simply turn the pin back to its original position.

ORTHO – Simply Iconic

The brass construction of Ortho has been machined to precise tolerances and is designed for longevity and durability. The Ortho collection is also backed by a Lifetime Cartridge Warranty, a testament to it’s quality and sound engineering.

Andrew Cocks, Senior Designer at Phoenix, says “Interestingly, the name Ortho is derived from the word orthogonal, which means right angled.  It was important to the team to come up with a design that would work well within the open space of a bathroom. Good architecture is very disciplined; fit for purpose and visually simple. Ortho fits very comfortably with that philosophy of restraint.”

ORTHO – Simply Iconic


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