This serene, retro bathroom is an emotional project for its designer


Located south-west of Sydney in Menai, this bathroom is a dazzling sonata of curated style.

It is part of a unique project where designer Kate Lawrence pays tribute to her past by reimagining her family home with her mother to create a space that reflects a sense of quiet
and serenity.

The main bathroom is all about paying homage to nature with a selection of quality raw organic materials. The use of aged brass, oak and concrete creates a subdued and calming space. Concrete adds a strong, modern element that sets a solid yet neutral foundation for the other materials to rest against.

The elegant stone feature tiles line the wall behind the generous bathtub, making it a perfect place to relax and soak away the day. The tiles add depth and a frisson of drama, along with another textural layer of interest.

The bathroom boasts Pegasi tapware and a beautiful round mirror above the vanity. Its curved form complements the organic curves of the bathtub, which sits within the shower space to create a seamless, low-maintenance wet area.

Each material selection holds meaning, embodying the designer’s intent to honour and pay tribute to her childhood home and its family connection.

Interior Design Kate Lawrence Interiors
Photography The Palm Co

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