The secret to keeping the ‘wow factor’ in your bathroom


Whether you have a stylish new bathroom or want to keep your existing bathroom looking like new, the secret is EnduroShield

Tile and grout is porous and as a result absorb mineral deposits, soap scum, body fats and grime making the surface very difficult to clean. Overtime it can discolour and look unsightly.

EnduroShield is an invisible, non-stick coating that reduces cleaning time by up to 90%. Application is a simple process of spraying the liquid coating onto a clean surface to provide a protective bond.

EnduroShield makes cleaning a breeze – all that is needed is a gentle wipe over with a microfibre cloth and a mild detergent. The use of harsh chemicals is eliminated. Due to the reduction in cleaning, you use less water, so the benefit to the environment is cumulative and ongoing. It also keeps tiles and grout cleaner for longer in between cleans.

Perfect for shower tiles, bathroom wall and floor tiles, grout lines, porcelain or china basins, toilets and baths, kitchen floors and tiled splashbacks. EnduroShield can be applied to both new and existing surfaces. Once EnduroShield is applied, it will last beyond 3 years and there is no need for any revitalizer products during that 3 year period.

EnduroShield Tile and Grout protection is available as a DIY kit from leading hardware stores, or direct from our website. A 125ml DIY kit will cover 6 square-metres. 

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