Fusion Appliances

19 kitchen products and appliances you need in your life


The new, the cool, the high tech and the beautiful … we reveal everything you need for your new kitchen masterpiece


Kitchenaid Appliances

This beautiful copper number is a limited-release offering that’s bound to sell out fast. Chic and sophisticated, this stand mixer includes a tilt head design, 10 variable speeds, a quiet and energy-efficient direct drive motor and a power hub with a versatile range of attachments that can turn your stand mixer into a complete culinary centre that allows you to prepare fresh pasta, shred parmesan cheese, and make fresh salads or flavoursome sausages with ease. KitchenAid Copper Artisan stand mixer, kitchenaid.com.au


Breville Appliances

The latest generation in the Juice Fountain range, Breville’s Juice Fountain Cold XL has been thoughtfully developed so that users can create up to two litres of nutrient-rich juice faster and quieter, all within a more stylish compact footprint. It features Cold Spin Technology as well as the most powerful and quiet motor available in a Breville juicer, and is capable of creative juice five times faster than a cold press. How cool is that! Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL, breville.com.au


Surface Mount Appliances

Almost every home has an iPad nowadays, and the iPort allows for this all-important gadget to be mounted on any wall surface, including plasterboard, brick, wood, concrete and even glass. A wide selection of apps and interoperability with home appliances and entertainment devices enables the Surface Mount to control virtually all facets of the home — from switching on the air-conditioner to changing playlists on the hi-fi system. iPort Surface Mount, iportproducts.com


Samsung Appliances

If high tech is what you’re after, this fridge is what you need. It comes with the ability to connect to your home network, a Samsung Smart Home app which allows you to access a photo of the contents of your fridge at any time, an LCD touchscreen display, which allows you to bring up recipes and order ingredients without leaving the kitchen, and built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity. As well as all this, the fridge also includes a fourth door on the bottom right freezer section, which converts from a freezer to wine cooler or fridge as required. Samsung 671L Family Hub French Door fridge, harveynorman.com.au


Google Home Appliances

In the age of technology, it’s no surprise a device like Google Home is proving to be a hit when it comes to home life. These smart speakers can be a welcome addition to any space as they can be used for streaming music, checking the news and weather and controlling smart devices. They become a game changer when moved to the kitchen — the Google Home can be used to set a timer, build shopping lists, research recipe ideas, keep a calorie count, round up cocktail recipe ideas, convert units while cooking and so much more. A worthwhile investment, we think! Google Home, officeworks.com.au


Proq Frontier Elite Lifestyle (6)

This three-in-one charcoal barbecue, roaster and smoker caters for 12 people, so is just perfect to use when hosting summer family gatherings and long lazy Sunday lunches with friends. Made for the backyard chef and barbecue enthusiast, the easy-to-clean and rust-resistant stainless-steel grills and silicon-coated side handles deliver a safe and enjoyable cooking experience. Packaged with a fish/meat hanger, every charcoal-cooked meal will be uniquely delicious and flavoursome. ProQFrontier Elite, proqsmokers.com.au


Ballarini Bologna Applainces

The Bellarini Granitium Collection is a must-have for diligent cooks who prefer not to use excessive amounts of oil. The non-stick properties featured ensure meals will be healthy, and washing up the pans after the meal is sure to be a breeze too! The Granitium range includes two models, Bologna (pictured) and Torino. Each model achieves revolutionary non-stick properties and longevity, with the use of mineral stone particles embedded in two of the seven layers of the frypan. Bellarini Granitium Collection, myer.com.au



ILVE Appliances

The smoky fumes associated with outdoor entertaining can become a thing of the past with ILVE’s new barbecue rangehood. It has been designed for ILVE appliances and best suited for outdoor barbecues or when very high air extraction is required. It features a powerful, high-speed fan that removes cooking odours, smoke and vapour, and filters which trap all grime and grease and are also dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean. ILVE barbecue rangehood, ilve.com.au


Oracle Touch Breville Appliances

Caffeine enthusiasts rejoice! Breville’s ingenious fully automatic Oracle Touch will allow you to make cafe-quality coffee right at home, with a simple-to-use “swipe and select” touchscreen interface. You can choose from five cafe favourites including espresso, long black, latte, flat white, cappuccino, or textured milk for hot chocolate. It also features auto grid, dose and tamp pressure and temperature control, allowing users to make a perfect cup of coffee every time. Best of all, you can personalise your coffee to suit your tastes and program this into the machine. Oracle Touch, breville.com.au


SodaStream Appliances

The easy way to make sparkling drinks and carbonated water in the comfort of your own home, the SodaStream Play comes in several bright colours as well as the more neutral option of white, making it suitable for every kitchen. The Play features the new “auto lift” slider, which automatically returns to its original position after carbonation. It also includes the popular “snap-lock” mechanism, which locks the carbonating bottle into the bottle rest in a single-push motion, making it quick, simple and easy to use. SodaStream Play, thegoodguys.com.au


Miyabi 7000d Appliances

Hand-crafted in the Samurai sword-making capital of the world (Seki, Japan), each Miyabi 7000D kitchen knife is said to take 45 artisans 42 days to perform the more than 100 steps required for production. The knife can be honed to an exceptional level of sharpness, which will last for a lot longer than that of other knives. Miyabi 7000d, cg.dksh.com.au


IKEA appliances

IKEA has announced a smart lighting range which is due to be released in Australia in 2018, which will be the perfect addition to the kitchens of our tech-loving readers. This exciting new collection allows users to remotely control, automate and design lighting for the home. The collection includes smart globes and light panels that can dim and switch between warm and cool light, using either a controller or the TRÅDFRI app for phones and tablets. Best of all, products in the range offer a plug and play solution, meaning there is no need to hire an electrician — all you have to do is swap a regular globe with a smart TRÅDFRI globe. IKEA TRÅDFRI range, ikea.com/au


Kuvings Vacuum Blender Appliances

Kuvings has released a new blender that combines speed and silence, ideal for owners of open-plan kitchens and lovers of serenity in the home alike. Unlike ordinary high-speed blenders, the Kuvings vacuum blender removes air from the container before blending, which prevents oxidation to retain the fresh fibre and nutrients found in fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, a removable noise reduction shield ensures quiet operation while the blender is in use. This product is perfect for creating a smoother consistency and texture, and is capable of stopping automatically when the blend is at optimal condition, ensuring your smoothie is perfect every time. Kuvings vacuum blender, kuvings.com.au


 Corian Charging Surface Appliances

Anyone with a smartphone understands how much of an inconvenience it is to run out of battery in the middle of cooking a meal using an online recipe, listening to your favourite song, or watching the latest episode of that TV show you’ve become addicted to. Enter the Corian Wireless Charging Surface. You can place your new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy 8 onto a Corian Wireless Charging Surface and reap the wireless charging benefits that are cleverly concealed under the benchtop surface. It utilises state-of-the-art unit harnessing induction technology hidden under the surface to charge the device in question without penetrating the surface, and the surface is smart so charging stops when your device has reached maximum battery capacity. Corian Wireless Charging Surface, casf.com.au


 Whirlpool Appliances

The sleek, stylish Whirlpool pyrolytic oven is made for busy home cooks who need to multitask in the kitchen. It features 15 cooking functions and a self-cleaning mode, which turns food spills and splatters into ash, helping make both cooking and cleaning an easy feat. Its most impressive feature is its 6th SENSE technology, which will sense, control and adapt the cooking time accordingly. It will then alert you when the food is ready to take out of the oven, all the while displaying permanent feedback on the white-on-black LCD screen. Whirlpool pyrolytic oven, whirlpool.net.au


Wile Hybrid Applainces


Here’s a quick, easy and efficient way to make your morning coffee when you’re in a rush. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid is designed for use with either ground coffee or ESE pods, but is said to work best with freshly roasted and ground coffee. It’s simple, solid, light and compact, and its portable nature makes storage a breeze. No battery, electricity or gas cartridges are necessary to use the Handpresso, meaning your new source of delicious coffee can be used anywhere ground coffee and hot water are accessible. Handpresso Wild Hybrid, thedesigngiftshop.com


Asko Duo Fusion Appliances

This ingenious cooktop allows culinary enthusiasts to enjoy the best of both worlds. The ASKO Duo Fusion Gas + Induction Cooktop features a Fusion Volcano wok burner and four induction zones, so users are able to choose the option which best suits the dishes being cooked. The Volcano wok has three functions: direct flame under the wok, an additional outer flame for larger pots, and a simmer setting for low-heat cooking. Alternatively, the Bridge induction setting can utilise two bridge cooking zones in order to create a large one, or you can let the induction cooktop’s auto programs do all the hard work as you relax with a glass of wine in hand. ASKO Duo Fusion Gas + Induction Cooktop, asko.com.au


AEG Appliances

This appliance is an absolute must for health-conscious foodies. The AEG SteamPro steam oven with sous vide function allows you to prepare, seal, cook and serve dishes with the ultimate control and perfect results every time. Even the most delicate food can be cooked to perfection using low-temperature steam cooking, from 95°C to as low as 50°C with 1°C adjustability. Best of all, the appliance’s Humidity Sensor SenseCook food sensor measures and automatically adjusts temperature and moisture levels in the oven to suit the type of food you are cooking. AEG SteamPro steam oven with sous vide, aegaustralia.com.au


Fusion Appliances

This contraption makes charcoal cooking an easy feat, which is no doubt music to the ears of many a culinary enthusiast. Its Fast Flame Ignition System ensures the charcoal burns at the right temperature to cook in 10 minutes, and the “set and forget” electronic controls give users the freedom to relax while their meat is being cooked. The jaw-like Cliplock Forks ensure everything from chickens to suckling pigs are kept firmly in place on the rotisserie rod as it turns, and the porcelain enamel firebox and charcoal tray are easy to clean after use. All in all, the Fusion charcoal barbecue makes creating the authentic charcoal taste virtually effortless. Fusion charcoal barbecue, everdurebyheston.com