The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: Room Reveals — Bathroom blunders

The Block 2014 Fans vs Faves: Room Reveals — Bathroom blunders


Lesson learnt from last night’s episode of The Block — numerous wins under your belt, a full bank account and a world of confidence = unbeatable + no friends.

There was zero competition for the Super K’s last night. With a perfect score from the judges, Kyal and Kara produced a warm and luxurious bathroom, once again, thanks to Kyal’s remarkable carpentry skills. Running from the floor, up the wall and across the ceiling above the basin, Shaynna explained the timber feature as exuding a warmth that is similar to that of a sauna but “it doesn’t feel like a sauna … This just feels modern, contemporary, beautiful”. Picking up on Kara’s specific positioning of their $8000 bath that overlooks their spectacular city views, Darren admits, “This apartment is going to be one to beat”.

The Super K’s winning streak has truly gotten under the skins of other contestants as we saw Alisa and Lysandra lose their cool last night. “We should never have come on this show. Ever. That’s my biggest regret,” said Alisa. I am not one for poor sportsmanship and sore losers but the twins made a good point about Kyal and Kara’s last bathroom attempt that was judged as a 6.5. Certainly not one of the best rooms of their Block career, the bathroom the twins revealed last night was definitely worthy of more than a 5, which they were awarded by Shaynna. The focus of the judges’ scrutiny was the toilet placement (which was the first thing they saw when they walked into the room, explained by Darren as the “cardinal sin of planning a bathroom”), as well as timber slats that acted as dividers and showcased a fury green moss, “OK um, what’s that? I have to ask, what is that!?” said Darren. It’s called injection of colour Darren … duh!

“Sometimes when you try too hard, it comes across as try hard,” said Shaynna in response to the twins bathroom. Once this was said, Alisa and Lysandra, the other contestants and social media blew up, everyone agreeing that Shaynna’s comment was rather harsh. But was it? Let us know what you think via Facebook or Twitter.

Alisa and Lysandra
Alisa and Lysandra’s bathroom

Kara and Kyal
Kyal and Kara’s bathroom

Chantelle and Steve
Chantelle and Steve’s bathroom

Brad and Dale
Brad and Dale’s bathroom