The Divine Details That Make Your Bathroom


The details in a bathroom can truly make or break the space. Each individual element adds to the overall aesthetic, with the shower screen’s role being of utmost importance.

In the modern bathroom, the shower screen separates a wet and dry area but also adds an aesthetic element. It enhances a design style by making a bold statement or it blends in.

Whichever design option you choose, you cannot go wrong with one of the shower screens from MyHomeware. This retail outlet is a specialist in shower screens, with a wide range of products that will meet your needs. Choose from the comprehensive range of standard-sized frameless models or opt for your own customised design. Alternatively, add a touch of mystery to your bathroom with a stylish grey glass option.

The framed shower screens from MyHomeware are equally as impressive. There’s a range of style options for double sliding sets and adjustable wall-to-wall or corner designs for pivot door sets. MyHomeware even has a range of semi-frameless walk-in shower screens and, as one of the only large-scale suppliers in the country, is able to provide them at a great price.

Whichever shower screen option you choose, MyHomeware products are all very well designed and created from quality materials. All frameless screens from MyHomeware are made from a thickened glass that is laminated and toughened against scratching and cracking to ensure it can withstand the extra wear and tear a frameless shower screen endures.

The hardware is high quality and there is the option of matt black, brushed nickel, brushed gold and gunmetal finishes, ensuring there’s something to suit your desired aesthetic.

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