A perfectly balanced interior


Designer Stephanie Coutas brings her work home, resulting in this stunning sanctuary

When your apartment is opposite the Place des États-Unis and in walking distance of Avenue Montaigne and the Champs-Élysées, it’s essential the residence reflects the picturesque surroundings it’s encased by. The redesign of this 365-square-metre 19th-century apartment, home to interior designer Stephanie Coutas, was perhaps one of her most challenging projects to date as she was her very own client.

Initially consisting of a series of tiny rooms on the fourth floor, the apartment boasted high ceilings and plenty of natural light, which to a designer translates to plenty of potential. “This is the fifth home I have designed for myself and my family, which is a complicated process as I always want to ensure we all feel at peace and are happy,” says Stephanie. “The apartment needed to be a stylish, luxury family home which showcased my art collection as well as my bespoke pieces.”

Wanting to balance a rich interior with the comforts of home, Stephanie first restructured the apartment to open it up and boost the feeling of space. “I incorporated the main gallery into the living area and opened the wall in between, installing a horizontal timber parquetry floor to erase the effect of separated rooms,” she says. “When you undertake such a transformation, I think the challenge is keeping the soul of the building as you want to modernise it without destroying the heart of the place.”

After the structural changes were complete, it was time to focus on the interior. Stephanie sought to deliver a rich atmosphere filled with bespoke pieces and balance it with a warm, family environment that had real heart and soul. The interior comprises four bedrooms with ensuites, a generous kitchen and living space, home cinema and steam room, each space enjoying a signature scheme that is linked together by a common thread: luxury.

“I wanted to create a joyful atmosphere where fun pieces and more established ones live together, creating a comfortable but sophisticated surrounding,” says Stephanie.

The art displayed in the apartment reflects her passion, with pieces from up-and-coming local artist, The Kid, located in the living area. The two portraits add edge and a sense of grit to the high-end feel of the space. “He came back to me with these portraits and I immediately wanted to create a curved wall with backlights to have a floating effect and give the impression they were facing each other,” says Stephanie.

Contributing to the unique, custom nature of the apartment is the number of bespoke furniture pieces designed by Stephanie. “I designed the sofas in the living room with B&B Italia and the chandelier with Baccarat, which I think is a real statement piece that instantly catches your eye. Through this interior, I achieved a balance of style and elegance with heart and luxurious comfort.”

The transformation of a cramped apartment into a light and airy home was completed over a period of 18 months and truly speaks for itself. Full of European, luxe pieces balanced by carefully curated artworks, this space strays far, far away from the norm, putting a fresh spin on the meaning of a family home.


More information – http://stephaniecoutas.com/

Originally from Home Design magazines, Volume 19 Issue 2
Written by Annabelle Cloros
Photography by Francis Amiand