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‘Anything but a Bedroom’ week on The Block


This week, The Blockheads were presented the task of renovating any room but a bedroom, giving them a little freedom to be creative and use their strengths to their advantage.  They’ve also been told to complete cladding the exterior of each house, and finish the weatherboarding as well.

We’re loving the plans the Blockhead have hatched for their rooms so far, and are pretty excited to see the spaces completed! In the meantime, though, we’ve done a little research into furniture pieces and products we think would work beautifully in rooms similar to those currently being renovated by The Blockheads.


Sticks and Wombat

The Block’s resident lovable larrikins decided to turn their tiny space into an office of sorts—a wise decision, given how small the space is. They’re planning to include custom bookshelves in their office space, as well as an adjustable desk with storage.

We hunted around and found this gorgeous desk. While it isn’t adjustable, we feel it is perfect for a small office space, allows for shelves and storage cubes to be installed onto the wall it is facing.

The Block Blotter Desk, loaf.com


Clint and Hannah

Clint and Hannah badly need to start scoring well, and hope that this week is the week this begins. They’ve planned an informal, secondary lunge room for their space this week, and we feel this might be the week they score a good result! So far, they have planned to include a comfy lounge, a mounted TV and a focal gas fireplace in their informal living room.

Gas fireplaces have the tendency to increase the aesthetic appeal of a space, and are incredibly useful come winter. We absolutely love the Real Flame Element 1200 gas log fireplace, and think it would be perfect for a second living room.

The BlockElement 1200, realflame.com.au


Ronnie and Georgia

Fresh from their Kids Bedroom win, Ronnie and Georgia took a little time out to enjoy their win and relax before getting back into their duties at The Block. Once they got back, they quickly started planning their second lounge room, complete with a decorative fireplace, hidden TV and a lounge.

Decorative fireplaces are ideal for those who are renovating a historic house and want traces of its heritage to remain, but don’t want to deal with the mess of a chimney and associated soot. We love the one pictured below!

BrabbuDesignForces_1777496_LivingRoomAmbiencebyBRA.jpgBrabbu Design Forces, brabbu.com


Elyse and Josh

This couple has decided to put together a library themed study this week, with open shelving, bookcases, and plenty of natural light via yet another skylight. They’re planning for it to be a zen room of sorts, and we can’t wait to see what the room looks like when complete.

We love the idea of a library-inspired study, especially for a home with school-aged children. We feel the additional of a decorative shelving unit as pictured below would be ideal for such a space, to ensure the space is beautiful as well as functional.

The BlockMilano Open Shelving Unit, miafleur.com


Jason and Sarah

Jason and Sarah chose to build a second living area this week, which the kids can use as well. They’ve settled for cabinetry surrounding the tv, and a comfortable lounge for the space.

A comfortable lounge is an absolute necessity for a second lounge room, especially as this kind of space is one which would be used for a lazy TV viewing session and weeknight relaxing. We think a comfy lounge like the below is exactly what this kind of space needs!

DarlingsofChelsea_1796264_StudioLoungerSofaLS.jpgStudio Lounger Sofa, darlingsofchelsea.co.uk

Stay tuned for our thoughts on the room reveals!