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‘Anything but a Bedroom’ Week reveals on The Block


The underdogs scored a worthy win this week on The Block, with their exquisite second living room.

All of this week’s rooms were incredibly impressive, but Hannah and Clint’s living room was our favourite from the beginning, and we’re so glad this couple finally received the highest score this week! A peek inside each of the gorgeous spaces below:

Clint and Hannah: 28.5/30

The underdogs experienced a few headaches early on this week, perhaps the worst being the realisation that the room’s cornice wasn’t accounted for when purchasing the floor-to-ceiling cabinets. The cabinets ultimately had to be shelved, and replacements found.

Despite this, Clint and Hannah bounced back and put together a winning living room, featuring a bar, casual seating and a Jetmaster fireplace.

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Needless to say, it was very well received from the judges—they loved the drama and glamour of the room and were particularly impressed by the central fireplace, which made the entire room feel cosy and welcoming.

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Josh and Elyse: 26.5/30

A close second this week, this couple’s study was the personification of zen and loved by all the judges. Though the study was a bit space challenged, they managed to fit in a daybed, wooden desk, chair and the most gorgeous floor-to-ceiling library wall, which was custom-built by Josh.

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Jason and Sarah: 21/30

This couple’s simple, classy, living space was relatively well-received, and the judges praised the couple for their execution. However, the judges felt a little overwhelmed by the ceiling details, and somewhat underwhelmed by the floor-level details.

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Sticks and Wombat: 21/30

This pair’s very small office space included feature timber shelving handcrafted by Sticks, and a state-of-the-art desk which allows for both standing and sitting, which the judges absolutely loved. They weren’t swayed by the Lime Sherbet coloured walls though… and neither were we. The judges also noted that the size of the space, or lack thereof, could become a problem come auction day.

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Ronnie and Georgia: 21/30

The judges were not too impressed with this couple’s living room, which featured a fireplace façade, a TV hidden behind a sliding panel, and dark walls. While the judges acknowledged that the dark walls were a bold choice, they felt the space had no elegance and was not right for the house or the area – Neale even compared it to a bad nightclub.

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