Burns Orange
Beaut hue alert: Burnt Orange
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We have a hunch this gorgeous colour will stand the test of time.

Choosing the perfect colour palette for your home can be a daunting task, given the impact it can have on the ambience of you home. If you’re in the process of deciding at the moment, and are concerned about the versatility and transcendence of the palette you’re leaning towards, we have a pretty great tip for you.
Interior trends will shift and change with the passing of time and so will trending colour palettes. If you want your interior to remain modern and current for years to come, choosing a classic or neutral colour palette and injecting character via splashes or bold or muted colour could be the way to go.
Enter Burnt Orange. This has got to be one of the most versatile hues in existence. Think the earthy shade of terracotta pots, and the deep orange of autumn leaves that are just about to brown – this colour’s versatility no doubt stems from the fact that it‘s inspired by nature. It can be sprinkled beautifully into muted or natural-hued palettes, or used to complement the cacophony of colours in bolder interiors. The shade is capable of adding a glowing warmth to spaces in which is it used, and works exceptionally well as an accent colour.
Intrigued? Then check out five of our favourite Burnt Orange-inspired furniture and homewares pieces below.

1. Terracotta rug, covethouse.eu

Burns Orange
2. Miniforms Caruso sideboard, gomodern.co.uk

Burns Orange
3. AMAZONAS Globo Royal Chair, amazonas.eu

Burns Orange
4. KSL LIVING basket, ksl-living.fr

Burns Orange
5. Silk Road Damask Terracotta, arthouse.com

Burns Orange
6. KSL LIVING convertible armchair, ksl-living.fr

Burns Orange

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