Cast light on the situation with the new Yeelight Blue II

The Yeelight Blue II is a colour-changing LED smart bulb which will light up your mood every time

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Connected via Bluetooth to your iphone or android, this clever new lighting product offers a range of colours and tones to set the mood in your home.

Powered by high quality Cree LED chips and revolutionary dimming software, controlled via your smartphone, the Yeelight Blue II Bluetooth LED Smart bulb delivers a colourful, reliable, and eco-friendly home lighting solution. It’s available as a Edison Screw (E27) or as a Bayonet mount (B22).

PCRange CEO Raaj Menon said Yeelight provided quick and convenient control of your lighting environment. “These products let you use your lights like never before,” he said.

PCRange will sell Yeelight products through its existing resellers and also target homebuilders and electrical outlets. Yeelight Blue II is available now and can be ordered online at

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