Childrens bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms


Kids Bedrooms

What are some of the most important things to consider when decorating for a young person? 

Children need a space to call their own, so it’s important their bedrooms are decorated especially for them, rather than being just another room in the house.

Keep it timeless
Children grow so fast and the cutesy baby motifs are going to be out-of-date within a couple of years. If you want to keep within any kind of budget and avoid regular redecorating, stick to the classics. Paint is a great way to bring character to a room, and if you choose a classic shade, it will stay in style for years. When your child decides they’re over it, it’s relatively inexpensive to repaint. When it comes to classics like furniture, choose a traditional style. Beds, bookshelves, desks, chests of drawers and toy boxes in simple timber look great and will last forever. A coat of paint or varnish will make them uniform in colour even if they weren’t bought together.

Give your kids a say
It’s their space and they need to have some input into how it is decorated. Even the very young can make simple choices — though at this age it is better if you narrow it down to a couple of options you’re happy with and then let them make the final choice.

A place for everything and everything in its place
Kids these days have stuff. Loads of it. One way around this is to only buy quality items and cull regularly, but most kids will accumulate lots of things. Deal with kid clutter by making sure things have a home and keep the organisation plan simple so the children can follow it themselves. Children should be taught to keep similar items together, such as Lego, Barbie dolls and Little People, because these things get played with as a group. Having to dig up building blocks in 15 places before you can even play with them means kids will lose interest quickly. Small storage baskets or bags are a good option for keeping similar toys together. Teach your children to pack away when they finish playing — it’s a skill they will learn at daycare and school, so they’re quite capable of doing it at home, too.

When you stick to a few simple guidelines when decorating for children, you can make a child’s bedroom a classic, happy space where they can play, learn and grow.

Shopping list:

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