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Sustainable style
Sustainable style
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By Jordana Reid 

The home elevator can be much more than a practical measure. With a plethora of new options, it’s a viable way to lift the style of your home.

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While those who own luxury homes have adorned the common staircase with floating treads, intricate balustrades and ornate timber boards for centuries, the home elevator is fast becoming an attractive supplement, with a range of new technological and design options on hand. Like any significant investment, the purchase and installation of a lift for your home requires extensive thought and consideration. From energy efficiency to noise levels and finishes, all details need to be considered; expert advice across all aspects will ensure an optimal end result.

According to Dijana Vojvodic from Easy Living Home Elevators, it’s an investment in your home and will have an impact on it for more than 20 years. “The customer needs to explore the lift ranges available as much as possible,” advises Dijana. “It’s not like a car; if you purchase a product you are not satisfied with, you cannot trade it in and move on.” We spoke to three industry experts to guide us through the process: Bernard Edwards from Lift Shop, Dijana Vojvodic from Easy Living Home Elevators, and Natalie Xylas from Liftronic.

The key benefits of home elevators: 
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