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Classic styling: gas log fire


Add style and value to your home with this stunning gas log fire

The beautiful design of the Archer Gas Log Space Heater range will add style and value to your home, thanks to classic styling and the natural look of a gas log fire that will complement any decor. Most importantly, the range, with its 5.4- to 5.7-star rating, has also achieved the ultimate in efficiency and high heat output.

High energy star rating
The energy star rating system represents an industry-wide independent rating that indicates how efficiently a heater operates; the more energy stars, the greater the efficiency. The Archer Gas Log Space Heater range, with its energy star rating of 5.4 to 5.7, is believed to be the highest star-rated product available in the world today. With this high energy star rating and its heat transfer efficiency, the range has the capacity to heat areas of 180–250m2.

Patented triple heat exchanger
The secret of the Archer’s performance is the patented triple heat exchanger, which delivers more heat into your home and leaves more money in your pocket instead of up the chimney. This is due to the heat exchange system, which extracts more than 92 per cent of heat from the incoming gas directly transferred into your home.

The Archer Gas Log Fire not only features a burning system that looks realistic, it also incorporates a combustion process that delivers high efficiency and high heat output. After years of extensive research and development, Aurora developed its innovative high-efficiency heat exchange system, which has achieved a lot of praise from independent heating authorities for its innovative design and efficiency. Archer’s high-efficiency, three-stage, high-performance heat exchange system allows for the heat of the incoming combustible gases to be squeezed to 55°C before exiting the flue, resulting in total combustion, to ensure every megajoule of gas input energy available is put to work to heat the home.

Operating and safety features
Archer’s solid electronic control system provides safety, efficiency and convenience. The module controls every function and operating feature of the heater for safe and efficient usage.

During operation, the independent twin-ignition system controls the ignition cycle of each burner automatically to ensure trouble-free operation, added reliability, safety and lower gas bills, and the flame sensors constantly monitor the status of the flame. Archer’s independent ignition system lets you select from three heat settings — low, medium and high burn — at the touch of a button from easily accessible controls, allowing you to select your own comfort level and to enable the lowest operating cost.

Beautiful mantle options
Select traditional or contemporary designs to suit your style. Aurora Climate Systems has a range of mantle options that will complement your Archer heater, available in corner mantles or full mantles, with or without a mantle base. Colours available include white, dark oak, cherry and unfinished.

Integrated central ducted heating
Archer Gas Log Fires are now available as a central heating system to heat your whole home — 93 per cent of heat from your fireplace is efficiently distributed through a ducting system via an inline duct fan through ceiling or floor ducts located throughout your home.

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Originally in Winter Warmth, Volume 6