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Conversations with Architects by Big Ass Fans takes an in-depth look into 2023 design trends shaping Australian homes.

Featuring insight from Arcke Architecture, CplusC Architectural Workshop, Shaun Lockyer Architects & More, this new book will help you start designing your dream home or discover new design ideas to give your home a refresh.

Featured home Balmy Palmy house by CPlusC Architectural Workshop took a balanced approach to design, scope, time and budget.


Conversations with Architects

The design process included removing the internal hallway access to the bathroom and bedrooms to reduce cost whilst embracing the local climate and sense of joy when you allow your home to feel more like a luxury camping experience immersed in the local environment, flora and fauna.

The balanced use of fresh ocean air, Haiku fans by Big Ass Fans and natural air circulation allowed the home to be open to the natural surroundings of Palm Beach.

“Good Airflow and circulation for a room is very important to bring some of the outdoors inside” says Director Clinton Cole.

For Arcke Architecture, good design is timeless, and timeless design is now incorporating timber elements and texture in the home. A warm, natural palette of materials were incorporated into Cumming’s House with lots of timber elements.

Big Ass Fans Conversations with Architects

“Not only does timber complement the original home, it is a sustainable product with many local options.” Kate Kennedy, Studio Manager of Arcke Architecture states. “Sustainability shouldn’t be a trend, it should be integrated wherever possible.”

Creating thoughtful spaces is an obvious trend appearing across architectural spaces, specifically looking at the longevity of the design to how you can incorporate sustainability practices into your own home.

Including a design questionnaire, Conversations with Architects by Big Ass Fans will help you consider the same areas Architects typically think about when designing a home.

Photography by Andy Macpherson Studios

Photographs by Murray Fredericks, Michael Lassman and Renata Dominik

To discover more trends and design considerations, tap to download Conversations with Architects.

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