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Help Me Choose is an online calculator that will help you design a room in your home

Recognised as a leading innovator since 1858, IXL is well known for its commitment to engineering excellence and high-quality appliance manufacturing. Its rich heritage of innovation continues with the relaunch of the IXL website, which is an essential and easy-to-navigate resource for customers sourcing high-quality ventilation, heat and light solutions for the home.

Among a number of innovative additions to IXL’s new website is the clever “Help Me Choose’’ page, which identifies the extraction requirements for a room with a simple three-step online calculator.

By selecting the type of room, its dimensions and whether the room has a shower, the calculator will reveal the optimal ventilation, heating and light options, allowing users to select the perfect unit for their individual needs.

Developed to make finding products easier than ever, IXL’s new website features detailed information for all products in the Tastic three-in-one heating, ventilation and light collection, as well as for its range of individual ventilation and heating options. With the freedom to browse and compare products, download brochures, installation guides and other useful tools, the site is designed to make renovating a less daunting process.

The extensive website includes all the latest products from the IXL range, including the sleek and elegant Tastic Neo collection, which delivers a suite of high-quality ventilation, heat and lighting solutions while adding a poignant touch of luxury to any modern bathing environment.

The IXL Neo collection includes both the Tastic Neo three-in-one units and a range of Tastic Neo modules, which provide additional flexibility for consumers to customise their bathroom. The Neo modules range includes the Vent n Lite module, Vent module and Heat module, which combine to provide the perfect blend of functionality and energy efficiency within a sleek design. Together, they offer high-performing three-in-one units and individual modules that allow users to curate their own perfect bathroom environment.

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Originally in Kitchens&Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 23, No. 1