Energy Saving Fan Shelley Craft Talks Sustainability in Brisbane

It’s the winter hack you won’t believe: savvy Australians are keeping warm by turning on their fans and saving up to 30 per cent on their heating bills.

Design experts will reveal their top energy-saving tricks at Big Ass Fan’s Sustainable Living event in Brisbane on 16 July, hosted by The Block’s Shelley Craft and Sydney on 23 July hosted by designer Neale Whittaker.

Panellists including Janice Williams from Grand Designs Australia, The Block contestants Harry & Tash (Brisbane), Chris Freeburn from Ironbark Architecture (Sydney) and more will discuss the latest climate conscious building and renovation trends, and the impact we make with greener choices.

Big Ass Fans Managing Director Shaun Brehaut said ‘heat destratification’ was one way to cut down excessive heating bills. The clever technique circulates hot air trapped near the ceiling to prevent thermostat overdrive.

“If your fan is collecting dust during the cooler months, you’re wasting the precious heat at your ceiling,” Mr Brehaut said.

“Give your power-hungry thermostat a break and use your fan to gently spread that warmth throughout the room. It will stop you shivering and help your hip pocket.”

The average cost of running a gas heater over winter is just under $300 while electric heaters burn up roughly $252. Big Ass Fans estimates that bills can be reduced by up to 30 per cent using heat destratification.

Outside of cost savings, Australians are spending more time at home, with design trends focused on creating better space utilisation and focusing on sustainability.

“With the past 15 months being defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a shift in trends with people reevaluating the design and affordability of their homes,” Mr Brehaut said.

Chris Freeburn from Ironbark Architects said knowledge was one of the biggest hurdles to people living more sustainably.

“Old habits die hard and our less sustainable ways of living have been ingrained in our behaviour for some time,” Mr Freeburn said. “It takes education and knowledge to learn that there are better and more ethical ways of doing things and requires some inward critique in order to make change.

“Perhaps one of the biggest myths is that sustainable design is more expensive.  Yes, it is more expensive to spend more money on a higher quality building wrap or on double glazing, but the running costs of the building will be offset in the future as a result of those up front costs.


The Big Ass Fans Sustainable Living event is on at Southside Restaurant, South Bank on 16 July. Shelley Craft will lead a panel discussion with Phil Jackson from Guymer Bailey Architects, Alycia Chapman from Renovating Australia, and 2020 Block Contestants Harry and Tash, before the event concludes with live music and a charity raffle for Carbon Positive Australia, a charity that runs carbon offset projects like tree plantings and land restoration.


The Big Ass Fans Sustainable Living event in Sydney will be held at the Hyde Hacienda on 23 July. Big Ass Fans will lead the panel discussion with designer Neale Whittaker, Janice Williams from Grand Designs Australia, Branko Miletic from Architecture & Design and Chris Freeburn from Ironbark Architecture. This event will also host live music and a charity raffle for Carbon Positive Australia, a charity that runs carbon offset projects like tree plantings and land restoration.

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