Sustainable Products with a Unique Manufacturing Process


Want your house to look great but don’t want to harm the planet in the process? You’re not alone, and the brains behind Weathertex have created external cladding and internal lining solutions that are good for your family and Mother Nature.

Sustainable and affordable, Weathertex products are 100 per cent natural, made from 97 per cent hardwood and three per cent paraffin wax. In other words, there are no nasties like toxic chemicals, glues, formaldehyde or silica. With more than 40 different profiles to choose from, Weathertex products have an impressive “better-than-zero carbon footprint”, which means that more carbon is stored in the timber used to make Weathertex than is produced in its manufacture.

Sustainable Products

Sourced from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources recognised by the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) and PEFC Certification, Weathertex products assist in offsetting other carbon-positive construction elements, such as steel, brick, concrete and fibre cement.

The Weathertex Natural range of weatherboards and panels is the first manufactured product range in the world to obtain a Platinum Green Tag certification (Global Green Tag is a third-party, multi-criteria, consensus-based and externally verified Type 1 eco-labelling program and is the only certification mark in the sector approved by the ACCC, the US Patents and Trademark Office and Green building rating tools internationally). Furthermore, a recent survey of Weathertex’s products, procurement and manufacturing processes was carried out by Coreo Pty Ltd, an independent organisation that assesses companies in terms of their ‘Circular Economy’ status (Circular Economy principles mandate long-lasting products which do no deplete finite resources, do not create toxic byproducts or pollution, and minimise waste in supply chain and manufacturing processes). Weathertex is proud to have achieved a Circular Economy score of 86 per cent overall, ranking it as a ‘best practice/industry leading’ manufacturer.

Sustainable Products

Weathertex’s Natural range is covered by a 10-year warranty against splitting, cracking and rotting, while a whopping 25-year warranty is offered by the Weathertex Primed products range. Installation is a breeze thanks to Weathertex’s innovative mechanical off-stud joining and flashing accessories. Australian owned and operated, all Weathertex products are manufactured in the Hunter region of NSW, with the company first operating in Australia in 1939. The original factory is still in use today, as are many of the unique processes developed inhouse to produce Weathertex weatherboards and architectural panels.

Weathertex continues to innovate and improve, producing products that are on the forefront of innovation, whilst remaining economical and environmentally responsible. The evolution of the factory has included modernisation with a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system that delivers real-time information, diagnosis and control of the factory processes. Today, the manufacturing process of Weathertex products minimises waste byproducts through resource recovery systems. This includes creating compost, using the offcut board as fuel in the combustion boilers or as packaging for shipments, creating briquettes from dry fibres that are also used as fuel in the combustion boilers, and donating chips and board to charities and public projects.

Sustainable Products

Advancing efficiency and sustainability, Weathertex continues to invest heavily in the technology at its factory in order to support ongoing production and development, improvements to its painting facilities and the introduction of computerisation systems. It is this collision of old and new technology that reveals Weathertex’s ability to adapt and innovate.

The company has also been voted the number-one most trusted building brand twice in a row by the Architecture & Design survey, so entrust your next cladding project to Weathertex. You won’t be disappointed, and the planet will love you for it. Free samples are available online.

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