Escea ds1400: the 'anywhere' frameless gas fireplace

Big look, small footprint: the ‘anywhere’ frameless gas fireplace


With a large, frameless glass viewing area and minimal depth, the new Escea DS1400 gas fireplace makes a big impact using a small footprint

“We’ve taken away all the bits you don’t need for a sleek fire that is truly frameless. All the focus is on the flame, because we know when it comes to a fireplace, that’s the main attraction,” says Escea’s lead designer, Alex Hodge.

Flexible installation is a key design benefit of the DS1400, a feature that extends across Escea’s complete product range. Alex says this is driven by consumers and responding to their needs. “The way we live and design homes has changed over history, so the modern fireplace has had to evolve, too. Escea’s technology has progressed to the point that even a wall is no longer necessary when it comes to fireplace installation,” he explains.

The technology behind this is Escea’s Flexible Flues and Powered Vent technology, which allows flues to run in any direction — up, down or sideways — with no chimney cavity or wall necessary.

Escea’s company ethos has always been that beautiful aesthetics shouldn’t be sacrificed for performance. With 9.5 kilowatts of heat and a five-star efficiency rating, the Escea DS1400 gas fireplace clearly delivers on this ethos.

A low profile and thin depth make the Escea DS1400 a perfect room divider. But there’s also a single-sided variation. So whether you want to heat one room, or two, you have the choice.

Like all Escea fires, the DS1400 comes with Escea’s smart heat technology, allowing you to operate the fireplace from the convenience of your smartphone through an iOS or Android app.


  • Five star efficiency rating
  • 95 kilowatts of heat
  • Truly frameless
  • Smartheat app
  • Flexible installation
  • Easy-clean glass
  • Single or double sided

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